It's wise to invest in a Emergency Preparedness Program
  • Up to 40% of businesses affected by a natural or human-caused disaster never reopen. (Source: Insurance Information Institute)
  • Customers expect delivery of products or services on time. If there is a significant delay, customers may go to a competitor.
  • Larger businesses are asking their suppliers about preparedness. They want to be sure that their supply chain is not interrupted. Failure to implement a preparedness program risks losing business to competitors who can demonstrate they have a plan.
  • Insurance is only a partial solution. It does not cover all losses and it will not replace customers.
  • Many disasters — natural or human-caused — may overwhelm the resources of even the largest public agencies. Or they may not be able to reach every facility in time.

Preparedness Policy


A preparedness policy that is consistent with the mission and vision of the business should be written and disseminated by management. The policy should define roles and responsibilities. It should authorize selected employees to develop the program and keep it current. The policy should also define the goals and objectives of the program. Typical of goals of the preparedness program include:

  • Protect the safety of employees, visitors, contractors and others at risk from hazards at the facility. Plan for persons with disabilities and functional needs.
  • Maintain customer service by minimizing interruptions or disruptions of business operations
  • Protect facilities, physical assets and electronic information
  • Prevent environmental contamination
  • Protect the organization’s brand, image and reputation

OSHA Regulations

An employer must have an emergency action plan as required by OSHA.  An emergency action plan must be in writing if there are more than 10 employees.  At a minimum, an emergency action plan must include procedures for reporting a fire or other emergency and emergency evacuation procedures to account for employees.  An employer must review the emergency plan with employees.


Active Shooter Response

Active Shooter YouTube.jpg

Are your employees trained and prepared to react to a hostile intruder?  Can they identify the warning signs of violence?  Do you have a strict workplace violence policy?  How do employees report concerns to management?  How does management respond to concerns?  Have you conducted an Active Shooter drill in your facility?  

We can help

Whatever the size of you business, Maverick Emergency Management can help with your Emergency Preparedness Program.  Risk assessment, plan creation, employee training, exercise development.  We can manage your entire Emergency Preparedness Program or simply assist with a specific topic.  We can make a "Lunch & Learn" presentation or conduct "Coffee Break Training" sessions or develop a compressive training program.  

Already have a plan?  We can perform a no cost/no obligation review of your plan to make sure it is up to current standards.